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DBT 911

The DBT 911 app is available for Android devices. This is one of the apps we use for diary cards.  It is a daily card that participants complete, save as a .pdf, and send to their team.  We like this because it is free and it has a fairly positive focus.

DBT for iOS

If you own an iOS device (i.e. an iPhone, iPad, etc.), you can search for DBT Diary Card in the App Store.  This app costs $5.99.  It is very comprehensive, and participants can set the app up to send to their team automatically on a daily or weekly basis.  This app combines the diary card, coaching, skill explanation, and more.  (This app is pictured at the top of this section!)

DBT Self Help

This app has LOTS of useful things for DBT participants.  Diary Cards, Coaching, and so much more.  Check this app out! is a mindfulness meditation app that teaches you basic mindfulness meditation.  This app guides you through basic mindfulness exercises–a core aspect of DBT.

Downloadable DBT Diary Card

Behavior Chain Analysis

Brene Brown: "The Anatomy of Trust"